Guest lectures and seminar

This week, we are very pleased to have Prof. Peter Knabner from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg visiting. During his stay, Prof. Knabner will give some lectures on the topic “Flow, Transport and Multicomponent Reaction in Porous Media: Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Simulation”, taking place

Tuesday, 28.03, 14:15-16:00, Hjørnet, Natural science building

Wednesday, 29.03, 14:15-16:00, Pi 4, Natural science building

As usual, there will also be a seminar on Thursday, this week given by Jakub Both.

Title: Minimization principles for Biot’s equations
Abstract: In this talk, we investigate Biot’s equations from a minimization point of view, modeling coupled flow and mechanical deformation of fully saturated porous media. We recall the model for the coupled problem written in a minimization formulation and apply a block coordinate descending method in order to decouple the mechanics and flow subproblems iteratively. The resulting scheme equals the classical and widely used undrained splitting scheme. We conclude, although considered from an alternative perspective, the same powerful splitting schemes can be derived mathematically as previously done from an physical point of view. We discuss briefly the potential of the framework to derive splitting algorithms for nonlinear Biot’s equations.

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