Letter from CMWR 2018 in Saint Malo

This week seven members of the PMG went to France to attend the conference Computational Methods in Water Resources XXII (CMWR). Optimistic as I am, I showed up with swimming suit and sunglasses, and the rain coat was left in Bergen. Of course, I never thought of checking the weather report, and my dreams of sun, swimming, and long beaches were harshly crushed already when we landed. As the plane parked we were not allowed out of the airplane for twenty minutes because it rained too much. However, despite striking French railroad workers we managed to arrive in the small city Saint-Malo at the north-west coast of France. The longing for sun was temporarily forgotten as the conference started on Monday and I had to use all my concentration trying to follow the arguments of a talk trying to fit in 50 slides and the scientific work of the last ten years in a 15 minutes talk. Phew, I got through that, and after a long first day, I managed to do a short sightseeing of the city the following night.

Sightseeing in Saint-Malo

Wednesday I held a talk on fracture stimulation in enhanced geothermal systems. I was a bit nervous, but can now enjoy the remaining talks. It is truly inspiring to see so many great presentations! Today is the last day of the conference and then it is back to the normal life in Bergen.

Presentation at CMWR


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