Visiting Imperial College

Since the middle of April, I have had the great pleasure of visiting the Rock Mechanics group at Imperial College. Here, I have studied the simulation of fracture propagation under the excellent supervision of Dr. Adriana Paluszny. One main objective is to transfer the insights gained from using theĀ Imperial College Geomechanics Toolkit (watch example videos here!) to the PorePy toolbox being developed in Bergen.

The work I’m currently doing with Adriana is about verifying the thermo-mechanical coupling and fracture growth part of the code by comparison to a classical quenching experiment where the contraction of a pre-heated specimen immersed into cold water causes fracturing. I am really excited to see how well we will be able to reproduce the experimental results. It is also inspiring to recognize the physical processes in everyday occurrences such as the cooling of a brownie (Adriana’s observation) or putting ice in a drink (my observation, see picture in slideshow!); perhaps our research can actually have a somewhat broader application!

For a running enthusiast like myself, Imperial College’s situation just to the south of Hyde Park allows for physical recreation in beautiful surroundings and is much appreciated, especially with all the nice weather we have had. If the office becomes too warm, London’s parks also offer an excellently relaxed atmosphere for reading a paper or writing a blog post!

Ivar Stefansson

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