Visiting Tufts University

This fall semester I had a chance to visit Computational and Applied Math group at Tufts University in Medford, USA. Together with Xiaozhe Hu, I have been studying preconditioning techniques for applications in fractured porous media to allow for efficient simulation of subsurface processes. For simulation, we combined the softwares of each research group – PorePy toolbox of PMG in Bergen and HAZMATH solver library developed by Xiaozhe Hu with James Alder (Tufts) and Ludmil Zikatanov (Penn State).


Our main focus was to develop robust solvers and preconditioners for single-phase flow problems in fractured porous media based on the mixed-dimensional modeling of the phenomenon. We investigated two approaches to the problem: one specifically designed for the flow model, and another more general approach resulting from the mathematical structure of related partial differential equations. It was very inspiring to learn and implement new solving strategies that may also be used in different applications, but also very exciting to see our research producing valuable results.


Apart from research, living in greater Boston area was a great new experience. Having many excellent universities close by, I had a lot of fun hanging out with students and academics from all over the US and the world. But, the highlights of my visit were definitely being there in time to enjoy the most of American culture, such as trick-or-treating on Halloween and having a big family dinner on Thanksgiving.


Ana Budiša

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