SIAM GS - Part I

Some fifteen members of the PMG are going to the SIAM GS 2019 conference. We take part as organisers of the following minisymposia:

Verification Benchmarks for Single-phase Flow in Three-dimensional Fractured Porous Media: Inga Berre, Eirik Keilegavlen and Ivar Stefansson

Advances in Modeling of Non-linear Elasticity and Plasticity for Geomaterials: Inga Berre and Michele Starnoni

Also, we highly recommend attending the following talks:


9.45 Local and Semi-local Modeling and Discretization Principles for Fractured Porous Media by Jan M Nordbotten

11.00 Block Preconditioners for Mixed-dimensional Flow Problems in Fractured Porous Media by Ana Budisa

2.40 Numerical Modeling of Fracture Reactivation in a Three-dimensional Domain Based on a Coulomb Friction Law by Runar Lie Berge

3.05 The Mathematical Structure of Coupled 1D-3D Models by Ingeborg G Gjerde

4.50 Iterative Solvers for Poromechanics with Large Deformation by Manuel Borregales

5.30 A Pore-scale Study of the Transport of Inertial Particles in Porous Media by Max Endo Kokubun


2.15 Challenges in Modelling the Anisotropic Poroelastoplastic Behaviour of Fractured Rocks as Homogenized Media by Michele Starnoni


3.55 Mathematical Modelling of the Bio-plug Technology: Laboratory Experiments, Upscaling, and Numerical Simulations by David Landa Marban

5.50 Monolithic and Splitting Based Solution Schemes for Nonlinear Quasi-static Thermo-poroelasticity by Mats Kirksæther Brun

6.30 Gradient Flow Perspective on Poromechanics by Jakub Both


10.10 Numerical Methods for Flow in Fractured Porous Media in a Unified Implementation by Ivar Stefansson

11.00 Mixed-dimensional Discrete Fracture Matrix Models with Heterogeneous Discretizations and Non-matching Grids by Eirik Keilegavlen


An update will follow once the delegation is back from Houston!

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