Three new papers

The following three papers have recently been published:

  1. A paper on robust solvers for phase-field models in CMAME by Mats Brun et al. The presented solver seems to significantly reduce the number of iterations comparing with existing approaches.


  1. The recent paper ‘Rigourous upscaling of unsaturated flow in fractured porous media┬┤ concerns upscaled models for domains containing a fracture. Both the matrix and fracture are assumed to be unsaturated. Effective models are rigorously derived. The paper appeared in SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis and was written by Florian List, Kundan Kumar, Iuliu Pop, and Florin Radu.


  1. A paper on upscaling of permeable biofilm in different geometries in Transport in Porous Media: An Upscaled Model for Permeable Biofilm in a Thin Channel and Tube by David Landa-Marban et al.

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