Guest lectures and seminar

This week, we are very pleased to have Prof. Peter Knabner from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg visiting. During his stay, Prof. Knabner will give some lectures on the topic “Flow, Transport and Multicomponent Reaction in Porous Media: Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Simulation”, taking place

Tuesday, 28.03, 14:15-16:00, Hjørnet, Natural science building

SIAM prize to Kundan Kumar

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Kundan Kumar, who has been with the group since 2014, was recently awarded the SIAG/Geosciences Early Career Prize. His current work concerns various coupled problems in porous media, such as geomechanics and flow, reactive transport and flow and multiphase flow problems. The prize was duly celebrated […]

Seminar 09 March

This weeks seminar, at 1pm in the “delta” room, will be given by Ivar Stefansson, who will present his master thesis.

Title: A comparison of two numerical methods for flow in fractured porous media and the impact of intersection cell removal

Abstract: A very brief description of a cell-centered […]

Seminar 02 March

The PMG organizes weekly seminars, which this semester take place on Thursdays at 1.15pm. This week, Runar Lie Berge will give the following talk:

Title: Ustructured gridding and consisten discretization for reservoirs with fractures and complex wells

This work consists of two parts. In the first part, we present […]