New paper

The paper Iterative schemes for surfactant transport in porous media investigates different linearization schemes and iterative solvers for the fully coupled problems given by reactive transport and flow in porous media. The paper, written by D. Illiano, I. S. Pop and F. A. Radu, was published in Computational Geosciences and may be found at


Three new papers

The following three papers have recently been published:

A paper on robust solvers for phase-field models in CMAME by Mats Brun et al. The presented solver seems to significantly reduce the number of iterations comparing with existing approaches.


The recent paper ‘Rigourous upscaling of unsaturated flow in fractured porous media┬┤ concerns upscaled models for […]

Multi-Point approximations for thermo-poroelasticity

Jan and Eirik have just uploaded a new paper entitled An introduction to Multi-Point Flux (MPFA) and Multi-Point Stress (MPSA) Finite Volume Methods for Thermo-Poroelasticity, to arxiv. The paper gives a unified presentation of the MPFA/MPSA family of methods, including formulation, method properties and implementational aspects. The paper covers much of the development that has […]

Higher order FE schemes for the wave equation

A paper has recently appeared in Mathematics of Computations:

Post-processed Galerkin approximation of improved order for wave equations by M. Bause, U. Koecher, F.A. Radu and F. Schieweck,

The paper is about higher order FE schemes in time and space for the wave equation. The main point is the introduction of a post processing […]

Flow upscaling in fractured porous media

A paper has recently appeared in Journal of Computational Physics:

Formal upscaling and numerical validation of unsaturated flow models in fractured porous media by F.List, K. Kumar, I.S. Pop and F.A. Radu

Formal upscaling is performed for a domain containing one fracture. The medium is assumed to be unsaturated. Depending on the ratio between […]