SIAM 2021

The SIAM geosciences conferences are among the most relevant to the PMG, and strong participation is planned for the 2021 Milan event. In addition to a number of talks and minisymposium organisation, the group will take part through the mini tutorial organised by Florin A. Radu and Jan M. Nordbotten.


Visit from Heidelberg

The group has the honour of hosting Dr. Markus Ghan from the University of Heidelberg in the period 06-11.01.2020. Dr. Ghan is an expert in upscaling, homogenisation and applications to life science problems.

Visiting Stuttgart

As reported in a previous post, Professor Rainer Helmig joined the PMG in the Magne Espedal honorary position. During Helmig’s visit to Bergen in April, I was invited to visit the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems in Stuttgart for two months this fall. The purpose of the stay was to meet, discuss and […]

Florin Radu in Stuttgart

Florin Radu recently visited the University of Stuttgart, where he gave a short course on solvers for nonlinear and coupled problems with the assistance of Erlend Storvik and Manuel Borregales. In addition to the students from the University of Stuttgart, the course was also attended by a delegation from the University of Hasselt. While in […]

Magne Espedal Professor II-position

We are abolutely thrilled to announce that the PMG will be joined by Professor Rainer Helmig in a Professor II position in honour of Magne Espedal, the founder of the group. The position is funded by DEA Norge. The agreement between DEA and UoB was signed during a one-day workshop with presentations of ongoing work […]

New publication in microbial enhanced oil recovery

The paper A Pore-Scale Model for Permeable Biofilm: Numerical Simulations and Laboratory Experiments was published online on 08 December 2018 in the Journal Transport in Porous Media.

In this paper, we derive a pore-scale model for permeable biofilm formation in a two-dimensional pore. The pore is divided into two phases: water […]

Visiting Tufts University

This fall semester I had a chance to visit Computational and Applied Math group at Tufts University in Medford, USA. Together with Xiaozhe Hu, I have been studying preconditioning techniques for applications in fractured porous media to allow for efficient simulation of subsurface processes. For simulation, we combined the softwares of each […]

Benchmark study

Members of the group have contributed to a paper with the title Call for participation: Verification benchmarks for single-phase flow in three-dimensional fractured porous media, which is now available at arXive. We strongly encourage interested researchers to participate. The UiB simulations are already available in the PorePy collection of published results, here.

Simulated […]

Visiting Imperial College

Since the middle of April, I have had the great pleasure of visiting the Rock Mechanics group at Imperial College. Here, I have studied the simulation of fracture propagation under the excellent supervision of Dr. Adriana Paluszny. One main objective is to transfer the insights gained from using the Imperial College Geomechanics Toolkit (watch example […]

Watson forum interview with Eren Ucar

The Watson Forum is a series of (informal) interviews that seek to highlight contributions of women in the areas of numerical modelling, simulation, and programming in the context of Maths, Physics, Earth Sciences and Engineering. The interviews are performed by Dr. Adriana Paluszny of Imperial College, and we encourage you to watch the interview with […]