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There is a vacant position in the group as part of the project Thermo-Mechanical Energy Storage (TheMSES). For further details, please follow this link.

Associate professor position

We would like to draw attention to a call for applications to an associate professor position in applied and computational mathematics at UiB with deadline 15 September. For further details, please follow this link.

Two vacancies in the group

We are now announcing two vacancies for PhD students in the Porous Media Group. The project is in cooperation with Uni-CIPR and deals with developing mathematical techniques for upscaling for enhanced oil recovery processes from lab to field scale. The application deadline is 5 June, and further details may be found at the official announcements:


PhD position

Professor Antonella Zanna has just announced a vacant PhD position related to a project on modeling, simulation and image processing related to flow in human organs has just been announced at the department. For futher details, see the announcement of the position.